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My story.


Manifest your best.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  – Margaret Mead

Under the motto "Manifest your best" I founded Charisma Nova in 2013 with a mission to help owners and CEOs design a winning brand+business strategy and a sustainable corporate culture, so that their company wins the hearts and improves the lives of both their clients and their employees.

My path began in art & design school. I mastered painting, typography & calligraphy, won awards, earned a Master of Fine Arts degree and blossomed as an installation and performance artist. I excelled in my post-grad studies of multimedia producing.

Gifted with curiosity and great passion to learn and to explore the interconnectedness of things, I moved across disciplines and industries, forging my skills in the most diverse and most unorthodox ways. 

Destiny wanted me to deep-dive into marketing and public relations and to hone my craft to the highest quality standards in Park Hotel Vitznau, one of the finest Swiss luxury hotels.  Before founding Charisma Nova,  I served as a senior executive at Rose d'Or Festival, prestigious awards event of the global TV & Entertainment industry. 
Under the mentorship of Marty Neumeier – “The Grand Master of Branding” – I embarked on a journey specialising in Brand Strategy.

I've been blessed to work with amazing clients. I help them address and solve business problems on the fundamental level by applying brand strategy, groundbreaking innovation and design. I thrive in problem situations yearning to be solved in ways yet not discovered. I feel at home in a cross-media experiential creative environments.
For novel ideas I reach beyond the stars. At the same time, I navigate “their path down to earth” in manageable phases and deadline-obeying action plans. 

My superpower: I look for the right questions.

My magic weapon: For extraordinary success, I partner with the best and brightest out there.

My North Star: Love.


I'm a lover of art and nature. I care deeply about unlocking human potential and cultivating a culture of kindness. 

My specialty is overcoming the boundaries of the status quo by harnessing creativity to facilitate transformations, using crisis as a catalyst. I see human transformation at the core of redesigning the existing systems into regenerative ones, where economy, technology, humans and nature coexist and thrive as a healthy and self-sustaining organism.

Flow is the state of mind that keeps me moving.






Former Festival Director

Rose d'Or Television Festival, Switzerland

Dina Baenninger has extraordinarily extensive and diverse specialist knowledge. She excelled with highly innovative approaches and understanding of business strategy. She helped us optimise the work processes of the Rose d’Or Festival, thus saving the company significant time and money. Thanks to her expertise, commitment and excellent marketing and communication skills, the Rose d’Or Festival achieved a record in competition entries in three consecutive years and an increase in sales even in times of a global economic crisis.  


Her creative and organisational skills are exceptional.  Dina has a rare skill to build and lead efficient and harmonious teams and to motivate everyone to top performance.

She is an extremely trustworthy and loyal associate who cares for the success of the company.  Dina always planned all projects very carefully, set meaningful milestones and guaranteed consistent and timely implementation.

Her highly professional manners and her open and positive personality were very much appreciated and loved by our international clients and business partners. 

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