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You know how luxury hotels often over-complicate their messaging with unclear, inauthentic sales pitches that drown in the noise? 

You have put time and money into engagement on your social media channels, but you are missing out on bookings and ROI?

I help high class hotels to stand out from the crowd and sustainably increase their revenue.
I identify your key challenges,  help you find what makes you "the one and only", sharpen your positioning and create innovative communications across multiple channels to push your property into the spotlight.

Does that interest you? 

Great. Let’s schedule a call and see how can I help you.

p.s. I never take a project for which I can't guarantee a significant level of success. 

Here is what my clients say about working with me... 



Design your way to success.

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General Manager 

Storchen & Widder Hotel Zurich

by The Living Circle, Switzerland

Dina Baenninger joined as top specialist at the moment when it was about developing and implementing a unique communication strategy during the “reconstruction of the century” of Hotel Storchen Zurich in 2016 and the founding of The Living Circle in 2017. A powerful, versatile team was put together and excellent ideas quickly emerged. The implementation of these ideas was so successful that 40 extremely curious journalists attended the press conference on the opening day. And it was "only" a hotel renovation!


Dina has made an extraordinary contribution to our success through her analytical and complete way of thinking. The variety of ideas and the interplay of these with a wide variety of media (film, social media, blog, FB, Instagram, competitions, etc.) created a tension from closure to reopening that was and still is hard to beat.


Working with Dina was just fun at all times - because she is highly professional, brings along an incredibly broad spectrum of knowledge, can ask very critical questions, and never loses the goal out of sight. And to all of this, she is simply unique as a person.

Thanks Dina and I look forward to more great projects.

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